Internet of Things


Stellapps is an IoT platform company with sensors, analytics, cloud monitoring, reporting, and management for end-to-end digitalization of the dairy value chain. The IoT stack manages data acquisition and analytics to facilitate cattle and farm productivity, milk quality and cold chain visibility, and dairy-related payments, lending, and insurance.

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Quartic.AI is an AI/ML platform company focussing on smart manufacturing & IIoT. Quartic's solution enables plant subject matter experts to leverage AI for increased productivity and operational performance. Fortune 100 and 500 companies in pharmaceutical, mining and metals and other industries are using for process optimization, predictive maintenance and energy optimization applications. The company has developed illuminator™ (an OT data lake that provides IIoT, OT, MES, and ERP data in dynamic context to intelligence applications as well as a fully integrated contextual data pipe to build AI applications) and eXponence™ (visualizations and communications from automated ML, rules engines, and Complex Event Processing).

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CloudLeaf is a supply chain and real-time data acquisition company with a location, load and time aware sensor platform to deliver scalable, real-time actionable intelligence for assets (in-motion). CloudLeaf’s Sensor Fabric is composed of self-provisioning location, load and time aware sensors and gateways, connected for cloud-based event processing and analytics.

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Bellboi (rebranded as Nucleus Vision) is building technology for O2O (offline to online) digital presence recognition and contextual intelligence for retail. Nucleus’ sensors detect the presence of consumers using telecom technology for digital engagement and personalized pricing, enabling retailers to improve conversion ratios through enhanced relevance.

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