Vayyar Imaging

Vayyar Imaging is changing the imaging and sensing market with its breakthrough 3D imaging sensor technology. Utilizing a state-of-the-art embedded chip and advanced imaging algorithms, Vayyar’s mission is to help people worldwide improve their health, safety, and quality of life using mobile, low-cost, and safe 3D imaging sensors.

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Tonbo Imaging

Tonbo Imaging designs, builds, and deploys advanced imaging and sensor systems to sense, understand, and control complex environments. Modern day battlefields, critical infrastructures, unmanned reconnaissance, and transport vehicles driving in the dark offer very challenging environments for effective visualization. Obscurants like smoke, dust, fog, and camouflage make observation and navigation very difficult. Tonbo Imaging offers a suite of solutions that address critical market needs in military reconnaissance, critical infrastructure security, and transportation safety. The company’s offerings consist of sophisticated imaging products, custom design applications, and intellectual property cores that can be licensed by OEMs and systems integrators.

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ideaForge is a vertically integrated aerial robotics platform company. The company has inter-disciplinary engineering expertise and provides UAVs for military, security and surveillance, infrastructure monitoring, agriculture, and surveys.

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