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Telescent is a networking platform company that is extending software-defined networking to the Physical Layer of data center, telecom, mobile, and lab networks. Telescent provides a complete solution to automate the management of the physical network topology for rapid reconfiguration, reprovisioning, and retasking of networks.

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Nebulon is a data platform company that has developed a hybrid IT storage solution providing cloud-defined enterprise storage capabilities for virtualized and bare metal environments with significant advantages over storage arrays as well as Software-Defined Storage and Hyper Converged Infrastructure.

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Mojo Networks

Mojo Networks sold cloud-wifi access point products to SME and education markets. It also sold WIPS (wifi security) products to government and enterprise customers. Headquarterd in Silicon Valley, the company had a global footprint, with a large engineering force in India.

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LightBits is a stealth-mode startup founded in late 2015 with a mission to address the challenges of a new generation of cloud infrastructure. Its goal is to help its customers maximize their infrastructure potential to service data-intensive workloads which are at the heart of the modern cloud-native applications.

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Komprise, the industry-leader in intelligent data management across clouds, empowers businesses to efficiently manage today’s massive scale of data growth while unlocking its value. The Komprise mission is to radically simplify data management through intelligent automation. Komprise partners include Western Digital, IBM, NetApp, EMC, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Azure. Komprise is used by enterprises to intelligently manage data at scale.

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Innovium was founded with a focus on developing and deploying advanced technology that successfully addresses the most challenging issues facing data centers. As a technology driven company, Innovium prides themselves on creating leading-edge innovation that aims to shatter generally accepted limits, delivering breakthrough results for their customers. The team at Innovium is talented, diverse, fun-loving and synergistic and has a proven track record of success. Each team member has a passion for excellence, determination to succeed, and skills to provide sustainable value in the areas they are addressing.

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DustPhotonics develops and manufactures pluggable optical modules and solutions for data center, enterprise and HPC applications. Its innovative products and technology, such as AuraDP™, are targeted at enabling the next generation of optical modules and connectivity. DustPhotonics was founded in 2017 with offices in Modi’in Israel and Cupertino California.

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Datometry is a database virtualization platform company. The company's platform enables virtualization of databases, enabling seamless migration of database applications to the cloud without any changes to code. The company's initial focus is moving enterprise applications built on the Teradata platform onto the Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Amazon Redshift, or Google BigQuery. Datometry's products include, qShift (automatically converts the legacy or source data warehouse schema into the cloud or modern data warehouse of choice), qInsight (insights & anaytics on database workloads), and Hyper-Q (Adaptive Data Virtualization™ technology to run existing applications on modern cloud data warehouses, without rewriting or reconfiguring them).

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CNEX is a privately held company founded in 2013 and funded by venture capital and strategic investments from Fortune 500 companies in storage and networking. CNEX delivers innovative storage semiconductor and software solutions, partnering with solid-state storage manufacturers, and data center and systems customers to develop revolutionary NVMe and Open-Channel SSD controller ASICs that deliver high-performing, low and predictable latency, scalability, and flexibility for software-defined-storage. CNEX controller products are key to accelerating the capabilities of big data computing and analytics for the next generation of cloud, hyperscale, and enterprise data centers.

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Annapurna Labs

Annapurna was a fabless semiconductor company. Established in 2011, Annapurna focused on servicing the high performance embedded and data center/cloud markets with a Platform-on-Chip approach. Based in Israel and Silicon Valley, the company had a worldwide footprint.

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