Wooqer is an enterprise software company with a platform for secure communication, process management, collaboration, and analytics. The Wooqer platform allows employees to create their own workflows and solutions to simplify processes. Focused initially on retail, Wooqer is now expanding to other verticals including banking.

2019-04-06T10:06:45+00:00January 28, 2019| is an early stage company targeting to save lives through early, accurate detection of cancer using deep learning for image analysis of cancer tumors. The Company is building a network of AI powered radiology clinics that target saving lives through the early detection of malignant cancer tumors at the highest level of service, the highest accuracy and the lowest cost to the health care consumer.

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Volta Industries

Volta Industries is changing the dynamic of mobility infrastructure. Volta Charging has developed the country’s most utilized electric vehicle (EV) charging network. By installing chargers in high-traffic locations in top media markets and partnering with brands to sponsor the service, Volta EV chargers are available to both drivers and real estate hosts free of cost. Volta also works closely with municipalities and industry groups with a stated commitment to emissions reduction. Volta currently operates citywide EV charging networks in more than 50 municipalities, and was also named to the Global Cleantech 100 in 2019. The company is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York City.

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Telescent is a networking platform company that is extending software-defined networking to the Physical Layer of data center, telecom, mobile, and lab networks. Telescent provides a complete solution to automate the management of the physical network topology for rapid reconfiguration, reprovisioning, and retasking of networks.

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Tagore was started in January 2011 to pioneer GaN semiconductor processes that enable high power at aggressive price points for both RF and Power Management. Tagore is fabless, providing highly integrated IC solutions.

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SambaNova is a full-stack AI platform company building the world's most advanced integrated semiconductor and software platforms to run AI applications from the datacenter to the edge. SambaNova’s platform bridges the gap between the demands of ML applications and the capabilities of existing processing platforms.

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Reviver Auto’s mission is to bring new and far-reaching efficiencies, revolutionary marketing, and unprecedented connectivity to the auto industry through disruptive technology. With its Rplate Pro™, the company has completely reinvented the 125-year-old stamped metal license plate into a connected car platform that digitizes and will soon automate the costly, often frustrating, and time-consuming DMV renewal process. Approved in California by the DMV and CHP under pilot, the Rplate Pro also provides telematics functionality and brings a new level of personalization to the license plate.

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Quartic.AI is an AI/ML platform company focussing on smart manufacturing & IIoT. Quartic's solution enables plant subject matter experts to leverage AI for increased productivity and operational performance. Fortune 100 and 500 companies in pharmaceutical, mining and metals and other industries are using for process optimization, predictive maintenance and energy optimization applications. The company has developed illuminator™ (an OT data lake that provides IIoT, OT, MES, and ERP data in dynamic context to intelligence applications as well as a fully integrated contextual data pipe to build AI applications) and eXponence™ (visualizations and communications from automated ML, rules engines, and Complex Event Processing).

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Quantenna is the global leader and innovator of high performance Wi-Fi solutions. Founded in 2006, Quantenna has demonstrated its leadership in Wi-Fi technologies with many industry firsts. Quantenna continues to innovate with the mission to perfect Wi-Fi by establishing benchmarks for speed, range, efficiency, and reliability. Quantenna takes a multidimensional approach, from silicon and system to software, and provides total Wi-Fi solutions.

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