Movandi develops network technology designed to expand wireless communication and connectivity across the globe. It makes components for use with the millimeter wave system of extremely high frequency radio signals that is used in high-speed wireless broadband like 5G.

Movandi's mmwave technologies are poised to be the backbone of leading 5G networks globally.

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  • Management Team

    Maryam Rofougaran, Reza Rofougaran

  • Sector

    Data Infrastructure

  • Investment Team

    Niel Ransom

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Why we backed Movandi?

  • Without mmWave backhaul there's no 5G

    The need for lower latency, growing adoption of virtual networking architecture in telecommunications, and growth in mobile data traffic are accelerating the rollout of 5G technologies. But backhaul over optical fiber is no longer scalable or cost-effective: mmwave technologies are the solution.

  • IP, Track Records & Leadership

    Maryam Rofougaran, and Reza Rofougaran had previously founded Innovent Systems which was acquired by Broadcom. At Movandi they sought to develop IP in mmwave and other critical 5G technologies - areas overlooked by major 5G infrastructure players (including Nokia and Ericsson). Today, Movandi has partnered with leading 5G networks and is enabling cost-effective backhaul that is critical.