Aura Semiconductors is a fabless IC design company providing high performance products in IoT radios, enterprise timing and portable audio markets. Aura's IoT radios and amplifiers provide superior RF performance and fidelity with ultra-low power consumption at less than half of the board area footprint.

Products designed with Aura's 100fs jitter synthesizer technology are redefining the landscape in the high performance timing market.

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Why we backed Aura Semiconductors?

  • Macro-Trends

    Semiconductor Timing ICs generate, manipulate, distribute, or control a timing signal in an electronic system. They're integral to all electronics - generating accurate clock pulses, and continuously and reliably distributing that signal for use by various timing devices within the system. Emerging low-power environments (IoT) require innovation in Timing ICs & RF Design.

  • Proven Team & Clear Objectives

    Aura was led by an experienced team from Analog Engineers, ST-Ericsson, and Silicon Labs. The company had developed strong IP positioning it as a formidable player in the Timing ICs industry and the best RF IP Provider in Bluetooth and Zigbee.