Atonarp is a scientific instrumentation company developing imaging platforms for molecular analysis, revolutionizing how data is sensed, collected, processed and interpreted at the molecular level. Its products have far-reaching applications in pharma, healthcare, oil and gas, and semi-manufacturing.

Atonarp is at the forefront of non-invasive healthcare diagnostics and molecular imaging.

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Why we backed Atonarp?

  • Next Leap for Imaging

    Post the ubiquity of CMOS, molecular imaging was clearly the next leap in imaging technologies. Molecular imaging devices have remained more or less unchanged over the last many decades - inaccessible for multitude of applications due to cost, efficiency and size.

  • Transforming Precision Manufacturing & Healthcare

    Atonarp has developed expertise and IP in electrical engineering, data analysis, MEMS, optics, and lasers; with an emphasis on chip-scale implementations. These cutting edge innovations enabled the world's first miniaturized quantitative mass spectrometer and non-invasive molecular analysis for medical diagnostics (Atonarp's AOS platform)