Volta Industries

Volta Industries is changing the dynamic of mobility infrastructure. Volta Charging has developed the country’s most utilized electric vehicle (EV) charging network. By installing chargers in high-traffic locations in top media markets and partnering with brands to sponsor the service, Volta EV chargers are available to both drivers and real estate hosts free of cost. Volta also works closely with municipalities and industry groups with a stated commitment to emissions reduction. Volta currently operates citywide EV charging networks in more than 50 municipalities, and was also named to the Global Cleantech 100 in 2019. The company is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York City.

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VeriSilicon is a Silicon Platform as a Service (SiPaaS) company that provides world class System on a Chip (SoC) and System in a Package (SiP) solutions and is a leading IP provider with the most comprehensive IP portfolios addressing markets including mobile internet devices, datacenters, the Internet of Things (IoT), automotive, industrial, and medical electronics.

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Paxata transforms data into information on-demand to empower every person, process, and system in the organization to be more intelligent. Our Adaptive Information Platform provides business leaders and analysts with an enterprise-grade, self-service data preparation application to deliver better customer experiences, improve operational efficiencies, and comply with regulatory requirements. Built on Apache SparkTM and optimized to run in hybrid, multi-cloud environments, Paxata leverages automated artificial intelligence and distributed computing to deliver an immersive business consumer experience that accelerates and automates the data-to-insight pipeline.

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NOD creates virtual machines that track and translate human movement by completely tuning to people. The products include drones, smart homes and virtual reality.

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Netspeed Systems

NetSpeed Systems provided scalable, coherent, Network-on-Chip (NoC) IPs to System-on-Chip (SoC) designers for a wide range of markets—from mobile to high-performance computing and networking.

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Lion Semiconductor

Lion Semiconductor develops new power/battery management ICs using proprietary technologies that are fundamentally different from those that currently exist in the market. The company was founded in 2013 and has offices in San Francisco, Seoul, and Shenzhen.

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Innovium was founded with a focus on developing and deploying advanced technology that successfully addresses the most challenging issues facing data centers. As a technology driven company, Innovium prides themselves on creating leading-edge innovation that aims to shatter generally accepted limits, delivering breakthrough results for their customers. The team at Innovium is talented, diverse, fun-loving and synergistic and has a proven track record of success. Each team member has a passion for excellence, determination to succeed, and skills to provide sustainable value in the areas they are addressing.

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CNEX is a privately held company founded in 2013 and funded by venture capital and strategic investments from Fortune 500 companies in storage and networking. CNEX delivers innovative storage semiconductor and software solutions, partnering with solid-state storage manufacturers, and data center and systems customers to develop revolutionary NVMe and Open-Channel SSD controller ASICs that deliver high-performing, low and predictable latency, scalability, and flexibility for software-defined-storage. CNEX controller products are key to accelerating the capabilities of big data computing and analytics for the next generation of cloud, hyperscale, and enterprise data centers.

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Calysta Energy

Calysta is an innovator in sustainable products to improve worldwide food security. Calysta develops and commercializes FeedKind®protein, an alternative feed ingredient for fish, livestock, and pet nutritional products.  

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Berkeley Lights

Berkeley Lights, Inc. (BLI) is a digital cell biology company that develops and commercializes platforms for the acceleration of discovery, development, and delivery of cell-based products and therapies. At the intersection of biology, technology and information, our platforms automate the manipulation, analysis and selection of individual cells, creating ultimate scalability and deep cell insights. The Beacon platform* is ideally suited for cell line development, antibody discovery (including direct B-cell workflows), gene editing, and antibody engineering workflows. Each workflow provides a 100 fold increase in insights, 10 times faster, at a fraction of the cost.

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