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Stellapps is an IoT platform company with sensors, analytics, cloud monitoring, reporting, and management for end-to-end digitalization of the dairy value chain. The IoT stack manages data acquisition and analytics to facilitate cattle and farm productivity, milk quality and cold chain visibility, and dairy-related payments, lending, and insurance.

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Quadgen Networks

Quadgen Networks is a Network Engineering (managed services for data networks) platform company pioneering data network rollout in India with Carrier Grade 5G WiFi Hotspots for Rural and Enterprise WiFi, IoT and city-wide data network infrastructure for Smart Cities, as well as, city-wide and state-wide Fiber Grids.

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ideaForge is a vertically integrated aerial robotics platform company. The company has inter-disciplinary engineering expertise and provides UAVs for military, security and surveillance, infrastructure monitoring, agriculture, and surveys.

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Clairvolex is an IP asset management (IPAM) and analytics technology platform company. Clairvolex target customers are in 4 sectors: enterprise software, digital electronics, semiconductors, and telecom.

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Bellboi (rebranded as Nucleus Vision) is building technology for O2O (offline to online) digital presence recognition and contextual intelligence for retail. Nucleus’ sensors detect the presence of consumers using telecom technology for digital engagement and personalized pricing, enabling retailers to improve conversion ratios through enhanced relevance.

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