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Wooqer is an enterprise software company with a platform for secure communication, process management, collaboration, and analytics. The Wooqer platform allows employees to create their own workflows and solutions to simplify processes. Focused initially on retail, Wooqer is now expanding to other verticals including banking.

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Quadgen Wireless

Quadgen Wireless is a network engineering and optimization solutions company (NOC-as-a-Service) with deep experience in wireless, transport, and core network solutions. The company provides end to end solutions to its telecom customers including network optimization, network consolidation, spectrum grooming, and integration.

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iDRiSi Tech

iDRiSi is an AI-led real time indoor asset tracking platform company. The iDRiSi platform leverages next-gen AI algorithms, fingerprinting processes, client-device SDKs, and standard ISM-band network infrastructure to enable location and context-based push-content, asset tracking, and navigation guidance.

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CloudLeaf is a supply chain and real-time data acquisition company with a location, load and time aware sensor platform to deliver scalable, real-time actionable intelligence for assets (in-motion). CloudLeaf’s Sensor Fabric is composed of self-provisioning location, load and time aware sensors and gateways, connected for cloud-based event processing and analytics.

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